Mountain K9 is here to help you and your family to create a strong bond with your dog, while also making sure you dog is well behaved and responsive to you. We not only teach basic obedience commands, but we also reinforce them during distractions. Making sure your pup is able to listen to you in many different environments and situations is our goal.

We teach obedience commands that include:

-Heel (walking nice next to you loose leash)


-Sit Stay


-Down Stay



We also fix unwanted behaviors that may include:

-Jumping on people

-Puppy nipping

-Destructive chewing

-Door dashing

-Counter surfing

We teach manners that include:

-Food impulse control, waiting politely for their dinner

-Not stealing food off tables, out of hands, or even off the floor if it's not their

-Front door and greeting manners